And another great class! January 2020

EQUIP Training was very pleased to deliver training for septic system installation and design to a group of ten students, January 20 - 31, 2020. Once again, all participants successfully completed the ASTTBC Jurisprudence exam.

In addition to Jim's instruction, Brent Dennis P.Eng delivered a presentation describing his experience and strategies for providing construction review of installation by fully qualified ROWP Installers and for providing supervision of installation by non-authorized installers, such as trainees completing the work experience requirements for ROWP certification. Brent also delivered a half-day instructional session regarding hydraulic design and pump sizing for sewage effluent dosing systems.

And, as usual, Mitch from Can West Tanks and Ecological Systems provided a very informative tour of his manufacturing facility in Surrey. Much appreciated Mitch!

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