High Strength/Commercial Wastewater

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Available as an on-demand self paced version

  • Four recorded sessions. Approximately 12 hours to complete. 
  • With extensive learning resources including quantified models and spreadsheets for high strength design. 
  • Instruction by: Michael Payne, P.Geo., P.Eng.; Ian Ralston, P.L.Eng. and Jim Andersen, AScT., ROWP.
  • Fees are $600 plus GST.

Course Purpose

This course provides competencies for design of onsite sewerage systems with non-residential sources such as commercial or industrial operations, restaurants etc.

This fast-paced course is suitable for Professional Engineers and Geologists working in the onsite sewerage field of practice and for experienced Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners with the Planner certification.

Course Content

Topics include:

  • The regulatory framework for commercial and industrial wastewater sources.
  • EGBC Professional Practice Guidelines - Onsite Sewerage Systems, including section 6.4 Special Source Considerations, and 6.2 Development of Custom Loading Rates.
  • ASTTBC Policies and Guidelines related to non-residential sewage.
  • Source characterization and considerations for high strength, high or low temperature and special contaminants.
  • Treatment strategies including grease interception, aerobic and attached growth technologies, and other treatment options for non-residential wastewater.
  • Soil dispersal strategies including custom loading rates, special site-capability considerations and departures from standard design.
  • Identification and brief overview of research and design manuals for non-residential wastewater.
  • An introduction to quantified methods for custom design, with a case study approach for a high strength system.


  • Recordings of instructor-led lectures from previous sessions.
  • With completion of case studies and mathematical modelling exercises.
  • We provide extensive learning resources including research and data related to high strength wastewater, examples of quantified methods and design documentation.


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