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We find that online training is the most effective method to deliver theoretical content, however, the practical competencies require a hands-on approach.

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We provide field workshops in various locations within BC. Topics include site and soil assessment, inspections and maintenance, pipe camera workshops, and orientations to technologies in common use.

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Maintenance and Inspection Practicum. We currently offer a maintenance and inspection practicum opportunity. Jim provides one-on-one support for your assessment of a sewerage system at his residence in Nanoose Bay, BC. A pipe camera is provided. This is intended for one or two participants per session. You can anticipate spending at least four hours on site, followed by your creation of formal reports and drawings with desktop review by Jim. You pick the date, subject to Jim's availability.

Site and Soil Assessment Field Workshop. The next field day is scheduled for Saturday, May 25 at Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. This is an excellent site for a soils workshop providing a variety of soil conditions, topography, landform positions and drainage patterns.

Instructor-led training activities will include the following:

  • Site assessment. A walk-through the site to identify constraints, challenges and opportunities posed by different conditions throughout the site.
  • Soils classification. Participants will complete test pit logs with access to numerous test pits representing different soil types and depths.
  • Permeability testing. We will conduct permeability testing by conventional perc tests, permeameters and ring infiltrometer.
  • Preliminary design concept. We will determine suitable design concepts for several different portions of the site - some locations with very favorable conditions, and other locations with shallow water tables and unfavorable soils.
  • Note that participants will also be invited (optional) to create a comprehensive design for this site. ASTTBC indicates that this design may be submitted as one of the three work examples required for Planner applications.

Participants will also be invited to an online training session before the field day (May 21, 2024, 7:00 - 9:00 pm) to reinforce your competencies for soil-based treatment principles and soils classification (no additional fees).



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