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Jim Andersen, Owner Equip Training

Jim Andersen


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Jim is the owner and lead instructor of Equip Training with 45 years experience as a sewerage system contractor.

He has 20 years experience as a professional educator and curriculum developer and over 10 years on the ASTTBC team, first as Certification Board member and Chair, then as Compliance Officer, and recently as the Manager - Onsite Wastewater Registrations Program.

Jim completed a contract for the Ministry of Health for development of an unpublished version of the SPM, and participated as a member of the team for development of the current Ministry of Health's Sewerage System Standard Practice Manual. He developed and instructed the mandatory orientation course for Version 3 of the Sewerage System Standard Practice Manual, to over 300 participants in 14 locations in BC.

While at ASTTBC, he led the development of the ASTTBC ROWP Certification Policy and Practice Guidelines, and served as the main provider of ASTTBC application support and mentoring for ROWP applicants.

He has delivered ROWP certification instruction to over 300 participants. He also developed curriculum and delivered training for post secondary institutions including The Industry Training Association courses for Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate of Qualification to over 500 participants.

Jim has assembled a team of leading subject matter experts to participate as instructors and curriculum developers.

Brent Dennis, P Eng.

Brent Dennis


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After 20 years designing Pulp and Paper Mills, since 2008 Brent has been working full time in the onsite wastewater industry throughout all areas of BC. He has extensive knowledge of the Ministry of Health Sewerage System Regulation and has collaborated as a subject matter expert on many initiatives including the current Version 3 of the BC Standard Practice Manual, ASTTBC & EGBC Policies and Guidelines.

Brent also has a working knowledge of onsite regulations in Alberta, Saskatchewan the Yukon and several US States. While serving as the Founding President of the Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association of BC (WCOWMA-BC) Brent participated in technical and regulatory initiatives at all levels of government, universities and technical committees. He has served on Liquid Waste Management Committees and contributed to public education programs such as the CSRD Septic Smart program.

As well as designing onsite systems, Brent has consulted to developers with respect to property investment, subdivision development and as an expert witness, particularly where additional bylaws such as official community plans and riparian regulations are in place. As Principle of BWD Engineering Inc., since 2008 Brent has focused exclusively on projects under the Ministry of Health, BC Sewerage System Regulation.

Brad Fossen

Brad Fossen


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Brad is a mechanical engineer and originally started working in energy 20 years ago and construction 15 years ago with PCL and has been a P.Eng. for 12 years. Brad quickly transitioned to consulting, working with large project owners offering project advisory, technical advisory, and asset integrity engineering.

Brad has consulted to the legal services sector for construction claim litigation support and also to the private equity sector for both technical and project advisory, centring on innovation and water treatment.

When Brad and his family moved to Salt Spring Island in 2018, he expanded into local service offerings – potable rainwater systems, site development planning, and onsite wastewater systems. - Brad offers commercial and public services via Aurora Professional Group and markets to the residential market via OwnerPro.

Michael Payne, P Eng.

Michael Payne

P.Eng., P.Geo.

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Michael is a professional groundwater engineer and hydrogeologist. He is a provincially-recognized expert on soil infiltration, soil-based treatment of sewage, and standards for onsite sewage systems. Michael graduated from UBC Geological Engineering in 1982, and Water Resources Engineering in 1985. After a decade of project engineering in BC, Alberta, and Africa, Michael formed Payne Engineering Geology in 1992.

During his 37-year career, Michael has evaluated site hydrogeology and completed system designs for more than 200 wastewater systems, and more than 200 water supply wells, serving a total of more than 6,000 homes. Michael was co-author of BC's first, second, and third version of the Standard Practice Manual (SPM) for onsite sewage systems.

Michael pioneered the use of the borehole permeameter for wastewater systems in BC. He is also one of the three primary authors of the new EGBC practice guideline for onsite sewage systems, and has been appointed as an expert witness for disciplinary enquiries relating to engineering onsite sewage systems.

Ian Ralston

Ian Ralston


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He is the co-author and editor of the new SPM Version 3, working with technical experts and with Ministry of Health staff, and the principal author and editor of the draft Manual of Composting Toilet and Greywater Practice (MCTGP) for the Ministry of Health, working with technical experts and with Ministry of Health staff.

Ian is the response to stakeholder feedback on the SPM V3 and the MCTGP, working with Ministry of Health staff, with development of a 2010 report for the CRD on the CRD maintenance bylaw program, including extensive research on existing programs in North America and on the CRD program.

He has performed research on centrally-managed decentralized systems for the Colwood wastewater system project, working as sub-consultant to Michael Payne.

With writing planning, installer courses and teaching these in all parts of BC, familiar with the need for appropriate language and presentation, he is actively involved in designing, installing and maintaining onsite systems for over 15 years, both for TRAX Developments Ltd. and as a sub-consultant to several engineering companies.

He is experienced in working physically as an installer as well as a planner of systems, plus consultancy work has involved writing of complex technical reports.

The co-author of the APEGBC Professional Practice Guidelines Onsite Sewerage Systems, he is familiar with the current state of standard practice in the onsite industry in North America (including Alberta) and in Australia. A regular presenter at on-site conferences on a variety of topics related to standard practice and technology in the onsite field.

He is experienced in sewerage system maintenance, with past employment by South West Water maintaining medium scale wastewater treatment and discharge systems.

With experience in interpretation of system performance and malfunction for onsite systems.

Lee Selzer

Lee Selzer


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Lee and his wife, Amanda, own and operate Ace Tank Services in the Lower Mainland, operating a fleet of pumpers and providing services for onsite sewerage planning, installation, maintenance and inspection.

Jackson Twa, ROWP

Jackson Twa


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Born and raised on Saltspring Island, Jackson has lived in Victoria for over 10 years. He has over 20 years experience in the onsite sewerage industry.

He owns and operates Western Wastewater Systems providing services for installation, planning, maintenance and inspection. He has been a long-standing contributor to ASTTBC including service on the Certification Board, investigator, file reviewer and development of policies and practice guidelines.

Jeff Hay

Jeff Hay


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Jeff owns and operates JDH Septic Services in the Lower Mainland, providing services for onsite sewerage maintenance, specializing in trouble shooting and repair.

In addition to ROWP certification as a Maintenance Provider, he holds certification as an Environmental Operator (EOCP).

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